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Fall Tree Maintenance

Posted 11/19/2019 by Diamond Rental

When it comes to fall tree care equipment, Diamond Rental has what you need, when you need it. We've assembled a few useful tree maintenance tips to help prepare your trees for the cold months ahead.

Trimming Dead Branches


Most people think of trimming as a way to improve the appearance of a tree, but it also provides essential tree health benefits. By removing dead branches, trimming prevents decay that attracts harmful insects. Cutting away branches and limbs that are close to a building can prevent damage from storms and high winds that can cause branches to fall onto the structure.


Diamond Rental offers chainsaws for rent to help you make short work of the dead tree branches on your property.


Pruning and Shaping


Pruning and shaping trees, shrubs and bushes in late fall will protect them from the impact of severe winter storms. Removing dead leaves will make the branch and limb structure more visible, minimizing the risk posed by pathogens and insect infestation. The pruning process also allows you to identify dead branches for removal. You'll experience a more robust and vibrant bloom when spring arrives.


We carry pole saws ideal for tree pruning and shaping.




Once you've finished trimming and pruning, you'll need to do something with all the dead and decaying branches you've removed. Use a chipper to transform them into mulch to spread around the bases of the trees and plants. Mulching helps insulate the ground around the tree, which protects the root system against extreme temperature changes. It also helps the soil to retain moisture. Mulching is particularly beneficial for younger or replanted trees and shrubs.


Our equipment inventory includes chippers that will turn branches into mulch quickly and efficiently.


Felling Dead Trees


The compromised structural integrity of a dead or dying tree makes it more susceptible to falling, which can damage neighboring trees and nearby structures. The risk increases in winter from heavy winds and the weight of snow. Fall is an excellent time to cut down a dead tree. Felling trees is a dangerous task that typically requires a professional tree service company.


Once the tree has been cut down and removed, use a stump grinder to get rid of the remaining stump. A grinder will convert the stump into woodchips you can use for mulch. Diamond Rental has the right stump grinding equipment for the job.


Why Choose Diamond Rental?


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