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Protecting Your Jobsite From Winter Weather

Posted 12/14/2019 by Diamond Rental

Making sure you and your crew are outfitted with proper gear and safety equipment is essential. Plan to invest in the right tools and protection to comply with safety regulations and weather changes. At Diamond Rental, you can quickly outfit your jobsite by renting lights, heaters and generators while also keeping overhead low. By renting equipment you can ensure it works when you need it and save cost when you don't. 

After ensuring that your crew has everything they need, turn to the jobsite itself. After all, seasonal fluctuations in temperature — as well as varying precipitation — will affect your jobsite from October through April.

Pouring Concrete? Buy Curing Blankets

One of the biggest issues construction crews face during winter is setting up concrete for an adequate cure. Concrete will not cure when the thermometer drops too far, which can lead to problems right away and down the road. Fortunately, curing or concrete blankets can take away the sting of the cold, encouraging a healthy cure.

In addition to our rental equipment, we do sell concrete blankets starting at $89.99. Concrete blankets are typically used between November and March when weather is at its coldest. If a cold-spell hits, you can usually call a Diamond location and purchase a concrete blanket that day! 

Warm the Jobsite With Rental Heaters

Even though Mother Nature may send sleet, ice and frigid winds to your jobsite, you can offset dipping temperatures by renting diesel and other fuel-run heaters. Create zones of warmer air and higher ambient temperatures by systematically placing your heaters throughout the site. By carefully mapping out what type of heater you need where, you can stretch your budget dollars without compromising security or performance.

Here in Utah you won't need heaters year-round and most outdoor projects happen during the warmer months making it more economical to rent heaters vs. buy. Heaters are frequently used in unfinished buildings as well, to provide heat for workers and allow sheetrock finishing and other tasks to progress while the HVAC systems are being installed. Finding a place to store them, not to mention maintain them for their lifespan, takes up time and resources. Renting a heater or air blower offers a cost-effective solution ideal for contracting companies.

Brighten the Entire Area Using Powerful Lights and Generators

The average number of daylight hours drops over the winter. Your workers may end up completing tasks in the dark more often, which can lead to physical risks without the proper levels of bright lights. Like heaters, lights and generators can be rented for the duration of a project. 

Speak with our Diamond Rental representatives about the best generators and light towers for your specific job. Each type of light will provide a specific type of beam and have its own unique coverage footprint. As you did with your heaters, after determining which lights you need, you should position them to provide complete coverage with a minimal number of dim spots. That way, everyone can see clearly even if the sky is cloudy, dark or foggy.

Stay Safe and Protect Your Jobsite During the Winter

Outdoor jobs do not have to end just because flurries are in the forecast. By taking a few proactive steps and partnering with a trusted heater, lighting and other construction equipment rental company like Diamond Rental, you can prepare your jobsite any time of year. Visit any of our locations or get in touch with the Diamond Rental team for more information on topics like buying concrete curing blankets and more.