Service / Repair

Equipment Service & Repair


Diamond Rental now provides the following services:


Equipment Repair and Service


  • - Dealer authorized services available
  • - Major and minor repairs
  • - Seasonal tune-ups
  • - Performance check-ups
  • - Competitive rates 


Generator Load Bank Testing


  • - Preventative maintenance
  • - Radiator functionality
  • - Detect potential coolant problems
  • - Identify wet stacking issues
  • - Ensure generator performance back to the rated power output


Annual Inspections


  • - Ensures you are ANSI/OSHA compliant for the upcoming year. 
  • - Complete functionality tests of all controls
  • - Ensure all emergency and safety devices are in place
  • - Visual inspection of other structural and critical components



Contact Diamond Rental Today

Diamond Rental is known for our service and reliability when it comes to equipment rentals. We know how important it is to have the equipment you need when you need it — and that includes the equipment you already own. The team at Diamond Rental will get your equipment running fast so you can get back to work.

At Diamond Rental, we offer competitive rates and hassle-free service. We have 8 convenient locations throughout Utah with a presence within five miles of almost everyone on Utah’s Wasatch Front. Give us a call today or contact us online to learn more about our equipment maintenance and repair services.


Equipment Maintenance Services

Diamond Rental is now offering equipment maintenance and repair services for homeowners and contractors in Utah. We have devoted substantial resources to make sure that we can complete your repairs in a timely, efficient manner. We offer repairs and maintenance on the same types of equipment that we rent, from small engine machines to heavy-duty construction equipment, so we know exactly what level of service is required. Our skilled technicians will always go the extra mile to make sure your equipment is operating smoothly.

Diamond Rental offers repairs and maintenance for a variety of equipment, including:

  •  Skid steers

  •  Excavators

  •  Aerial lifts

  • Material handling equipment

  •  Forklifts

  • Lawnmowers

  • Aerators

  • Chainsaws


Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of the equipment that our team can service and repair. Our experts can handle everything from lawnmowers to heavy-duty construction equipment. Don't hesitate to ask about specific service requests for your equipment and machinery.


Equipment Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring that your equipment has a long lifespan operating at peak performance. Here are a few examples of the routine equipment maintenance services the experienced staff at Diamond Rental provide: 

  •  Oil changes 

  • General tune-ups

  •  Annual inspection services 

  •  Testing and maintenance services for generators

Preventive maintenance and inspections are just as important as on the spot, emergency equipment repairs — and they are a lot less stressful. Save yourself a headache in the future by bringing your equipment to Diamond Rental for regularly scheduled maintenance.


Repair Services

There are few things more frustrating than beginning a project and realizing that your equipment needs (repairs.) Even with regular maintenance and inspections, there is a good chance that your equipment will require repairs from time to time. 

The skilled technicians at Diamond Rental can perform major and minor repairs promptly so you can get back to the job you set out to do — whether that's working on a platform, landscaping your yard, digging a hole or mowing the lawn.

When you bring your equipment to Diamond Rental for repair services, our team will make sure that you receive the best practices in the industry. Because our inventory of rental equipment is so large, we have a comprehensive range of resources to perform any necessary repairs.