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20-Inch Floor Scrubber Rental

Designed for convenience, our rental floor scrubber has a high-volume tank to keep going longer between refills. The powered walk-behind design is easy on the operator, while the integrated squeegee dries the floor behind the unit for safe walking. 

Our floor scrubber rental options include both brushes and pads to suit your specific job requirements. 

Choose Diamond Rental for Your Equipment Rentals

Buying equipment is only a good investment if you know you're going to use it often. Facing the challenges of storage, maintenance and occasional repair just isn't practical when you only need a tool on rare occasions. In these instances, using a trusted rental company will ensure you get the powerful, commercial-grade equipment you need to get a job done quickly and correctly while also sparing you the logistics and expense of ownership. 

Diamond Rental has been providing customers with tools and equipment for over 40 years, and we now have 11 locations across Utah's Wasatch Front. This growth from a single store was made possible by the loyalty of our customers, and we earn that loyalty every day with our competitive prices and exemplary service. When you come to Diamond Rental for equipment rentals, our friendly staff will discuss your project and help you find precisely what you need. We'll even deliver it to your jobsite.

If you're looking for a floor scrubber rental to make a big cleaning job a little more manageable, you've come to the right place. Give us a call at 888-844-4007 or reach out online to speak with our experts and start your job off right.