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Rental Rates
1/2 DAY
Max Lift Capacity 5,500 lb | 2,495 kg
Max Lift Height 18 ft 10 in | 5.74m
Max Forward Reach 11 ft 3 in | 3.43 m
Capacity at Max Height 4,400 lb | 1,996 kg
Capacity at Max Reach 1,900 lbs | 862 kg
Maximum lift height 18 ft 10 in 5.74 m
Maximum forward reach 11 ft 3 in 3.43 m 
Reach at maximum height 1 ft 10 in 0.56 m 
Height, stowed 6 ft 6 in 1.98 m 
Length, stowed (without forks) 12 ft 3 in 3.73 m Width 5 ft 11 in 1.80 m 
Wheelbase 7 ft 6 in 2.29 m 
Ground clearance, center 1 ft 2 in 0.36 m 
Ground clearance, axle 10 in 0.25 m 
Fork cross section 1.6 x 4 in 40 x 100 m

Forklift Rental

A reach forklift is an excellent tool when you need to overcome the limitations of a traditional forklift while retaining the agility of a compact machine. The Genie brand GTH-5519 is a telescopic reach forklift capable of moving 5,500 pounds, and it can lift up to 4,500 pounds to its maximum height of nearly 19 feet. It also boasts a forward reach of almost 12 feet, making this versatile piece of equipment highly valuable to contractors working in rapidly changing conditions. 

This reach forklift rental unit offers an enclosed cab for operator comfort and safety. Thanks to its compact form factor and ample 10-inch ground clearance, this rugged telehandler can maneuver in a variety of environments. It also uses a standard hydraulic system to support numerous attachments.

With a reach forklift, you can tilt and position a load without moving the body of the machine. This design benefits from the GTH-5519's intuitive ergonomic controls for incredibly precise load placement. 

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Whether you're stowing hay in a loft for winter or completing a large masonry project, reach forklifts are incredibly useful tools ? when you need one, you really need it. Depending on the nature of your operation, however, that may not be all the time. Choosing to rent a reach forklift for contracting or any other work gives you access to a functional, fully fueled machine you don't have to store or maintain, saving you time, money and space.

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