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Portable Generator

This generator can be used to provide backup power for all kinds of equipment, including cement mixers, cranes, heaters, compressors and conveyor belts.

These generators feature a heavy-duty but lightweight frame construction and compact design that provides job site protection while saving on space. They are built to withstand harsh environments for a continuous power supply you can count on, and their quiet operation makes them an excellent choice for many different settings.

They are also intuitively designed for easy operation and fueling, so you can quickly get it running during a power outage.

Choose Diamond Rental for Your Portable Generator Rental

When you need a robust power supply solution with a lightweight design for easy movement, our portable generator rental is a superior option. At Diamond Rental, we carry industry-leading brands and meticulously maintain our equipment, so you can rest assured that you're renting a high-quality machine. And when you rent, we'll handle all repairs and maintenance services.

With more than 40 years of experience and 11 store locations in Utah's Wasatch Front region, Diamond Rental is uniquely positioned to assist companies and homeowners throughout the area. We know the needs of the different industries we serve as well as the particular requirements of Utah residents, and we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect rental equipment.