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Six Fall Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Winter

Posted 10/21/2021 by Diamond Rental
Fall is here and winter weather is fast approaching. What better time to complete those home improvement projects and repairs you?ve been putting off? Here's our top six indoor and outdoor fall home improvement projects and the tools you'll need to get the job done.Continue Reading >>

Tips for Forklift Safety

Posted 10/11/2021 by Diamond Rental
Forklifts are essential construction site machinery, but they can also be incredibly dangerous if not operated correctly. According to OSHA estimates, just under 100 construction deaths per year are caused by forklifts ? but most if not all of these deaths are preventable. Forklift safety requires that operators take certain measures before, during and after the forklift is in use, and failure to follow these procedures can result in injury or even death.Continue Reading >>